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Add a check for executed assertions and return code 1 if none was executed....

Add a check for executed assertions and return code 1 if none was executed. This means, that after passing the check for test-cases, none of them contained any assertion. Thus nothing was tested at all. Since we only execute APHPUnit to test something, it must be an error if we do not perform any test at all. Especially in continious integration a misconfiguration like this would go undetected. The now returned code 1 will trigger an error in continous integration and thus prevent such errors
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- Feature: exit with code 1, if no test-cases were found
- Feature: exit with code 1, if not a single assertion was performed
......@@ -162,10 +162,17 @@ $objFork->waitUntilForksFinished(100, $cloGetTestResultsFromQueue);
// close and destroy queue, its no longer needed
// if no test-results were found, no asserts were done
// since we assume we want to execute test-cases this
// is handled as error
// this also means there are test-cases defined,
// but none of them contained any assertion
exitWithCodeAndMessage(2, 'APHPUnit could not found a single assertion');
/* print the result */
$arrGlobalSummary = Testresults\display($arrTestResults, $strTestSource);
if(0 < $arrGlobalSummary['failed'])
namespace APHPUnit\Testcases;
* when giving APHPUnit this single file to test,
* it must fail, because nothing was tested
function testDetectionOfMissingAssertion() {
// Intentionally Left Blank ;)
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